Introduction to DanceSport UI

Hailing from a suburb in west java, Dancesport UI is pursuing a dream of a bright future for ballroom dancing among Indonesian young generations. In Indonesia, ballroom dancing is seen as very untouchable. Through, Dancesport UI which was established on 3rd march 2006, students in University of Indonesia get more opportunities to learn ballroom dancing as wide as possible.

Dancesport UI itself was a project created by Ikatan Olahraga Dansa Indonesia (IODI-Official Dancesport Organization in Indonesia) and UI. Dancesport UI opened the way for students in UI to learn this unique sport for free and in other side IODI could find prospective athletes to compete in dance championships. Indeed, not long after Dancesport UI was launched, one couple (Safa and Ramot) was sent to an informal dance competition in Lido Palace Restaurant-Central jakarta. It was a kick off for Dancesport UI to taste a competition. After that in 2006, one of Dancesport UI member-Kenya Puspita Wardhani-participated in National Ballroom Dancing in Novice Class (Cha-cha-cha and Jive) and International Ballroom dancing Championship in Pre Amateur Class-closed category. For your info, since Indonesia doesn’t have capable athletes to compete in International Championship, the comittee of this event made closed category for indonesian athletes only.

One year after, with more preparation, Dancesport UI sent Ratu and Gilang in Regional Ballroom dancing competition in Jakarta and got first place in Jive. In same time, Ratih-student of law- also get first place in cha cha cha and runner up in Jive. 2007 was a year of enormous competition for dancesport UI. In 2007, Dancesport UI also participated in National and International Championship. Though didn’t harvest any glory, these priceless experiences enhanced the enthusiasm of members to gain their dancing techniques.
Homespun rehearsal place in a canteen without polished dark wood floor or large mirror hanging on the wall seems doesn’t halt the spirit of dancing. They joined routine rehearsal ardently and not afraid to hold performances and medal test as a regular events.

Dancesport UI has performed cha3, rumba, jive, paso Doble, Tango, Waltz even non-ballroom dancing like New Vogue in different occation. In 2009, Dancesport UI was practicing a mix of captivating spanish traditional dances: paso doble and flamenco and a sexy cuban salsa dancing. Meanwhile, medal test is an important event for every member of dancesport UI. In medal test, members show their achivements in learning bronze level of jive, rumba and cha cha cha. FYI, bronze level is the beginner lever in ballroom dancing. After learning figures in bronze level, they could learn more challenging steps in silver and gold level.

Juara I cha cha dan Juara II Jive Kejurda 2007 - Ratih Fentysari & Herman
Juara I cha cha dan Juara II Jive Kejurda 2007 – Ratih Fentysari & Herman
Juara I Jive Kejurda 2007 - Ratu Nurchoiriah & M. Gilang Dwi Prasetiyo
Juara I Jive Kejurda 2007 – Ratu Nurchoiriah & M. Gilang Dwi Prasetiyo

Kenya Puspita & Partner

natalia & daniel


4 thoughts on “Introduction to DanceSport UI

  1. Hai, aku Desi, alumnus FISIP ’98. Pingin banget ikutan DanceSport UI sejak angkatan pertama dulu, tapi keliatannya terbentur waktu nih. Untuk Alumnus yang sudah bekerja, apakah waktu latihannya tetap hari kerja jam 4? Duh, padahal pingin banget ikutan.

    Oh iya, aku punya misi yang serupa nih dengan DanceSport UI. Untuk memasyarakatkan dansa di Indonesia. Please check out my website Mungkin kita bisa berbagi ide dan bekerjasama suatu saat nanti.

    Salam Dansa!

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