Where to buy dance shoes in Jakarta?

Some (or most of us probably?) are a dance shoes addict. Our taste runs to those types that are comfortable for dancing yet looks sexy in our feet. We have good self-confidence about ourselves, it doesn’t matter if we are wearing D&K (a famous brand for dancing shoes in Jakarta) or not. We won’t go for a brand but the design and style. The main differences between dancing shoes and common shoes is in underside of the shoes. Dancing shoes have leather inside out which makes dancing shoes are not slippy. A good quality dancing shoes move naturally with the feet an give you comfortable experience while you are dancing.

So, dimana ya tempat beli sepatu dansa di Jakarta? Tenang aja, kita punya banyak alternatif toko sepatu dansa yang bisa kamu kunjungin kok!

South Jakarta

Di Atalia Shoes shop.  Jalan Wijaya, to be exact; next to Donatello Shoes Shop. Here you can have an orthopedic shoes too. No telp 722.9369

Di Pak Jamil. Ampera. Here you can design your own dance shoes. The price starts from 175rb. Telp 021-92264845

Central Jakarta

D&K di Gajah Mada Plaza. On the 2nd floor which is not in a shop.. For Latin shoes the price is about 450 up to 550 thou, while standard shoes around 600 thou. Great discounts is available during dancing championship.

Toko Canada dan Toronto di Pasar Baru. Toronto and Canada are selling big size dancing shoes nowadays. The price is ranging from 180 up to 250 thou.

Toko Canada : Jl Pasar Baru no 60. telp 351.8587

Toko Toronto: Jl pasar Baru no 61 telp 381.1681

West Jakarta

Di Gedung Chandra. Gedung Chandra is next to Pasar Glodok; at Pancoran street to be exact. Gedung Chandra is very near from restaurant A&W. In this old shopping centre, the shop is next to escalator. There are several shops there: Bio Rina, Oria Shoes and the other one without name.

Oria Shoes: 0812.9066.133

Dance Shoes:

Sepatu dansa standar
Sepatu dansa wanita-Standar
Sepatu dansa pria
Sepatu dansa pria
Sepatu dansa wanita-Latin
Sepatu dansa wanita-Latin
Sepatu dansa wanita-Latin
Sepatu dansa wanita-Latin

3 thoughts on “Where to buy dance shoes in Jakarta?

  1. Sudah diedit. Ada tambahan tempat buat sepatu dansa di Pak Jamil dan yang di Gloria dihapus karena gedungnya sudah hancur. Semua toko sepatu pindah ke Gedung Chandra.

  2. Hi, nama saya Rini, tinggal di Perancis dan hobi saya dansa juga. Thanks atas artikelnya. Kalo boleh minta tolong, apa saya bisa dapart alamat email dari semua toko-toko sepatu dansa tsb.
    By the way, saya akan liburan ke Indonesia bulan Feb dan jika mengijinkan, saya akan gembira sekali jika ketemuan. Salam

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